Twitter and Hashtags – a Must-Use Resource for Job Seekers

140 little characters have more power than you think when it comes to job searching.  If you’re following Twitter feeds, take a closer look and you will find Tweets from companies sending out online versions of classified ads with catchy titles and hashtags.

You can search these hashtags for openings or advice. The most effective hashtags for job search are #jobs, #hiring, #jobhunt, #jobsearch, #jobtips, #jobopening, #career and #resume.  Attaching them to your own Tweets will help recruiters and hiring managers find you.

This is another way to use social media to get up-to-the-minute job leads and a great way to possibly building a connection that might lead to a new career!

If you’re looking for a new job, you might want to consider using Twitter  and hashtags to market yourself, find open positions, get career advice and network.

How to begin?

Create a Twitter account and get familiar with Twitter’s format and system. If possible, use your name for your account. Post a professional picture and describe the employment you’re seeking in your Twitter bio (unless, of course, you are already employed). Spend some time reading other postings; learn your way around the site. Highlight your skills in your Twitter bio.

Use keywords that best fit your credentials in your bio, this way recruiters and hiring managers can find you.  You can also include a link to your online resume.

You can also customize your Twitter background to showcase your creative skills!

Another benefit of using Twitter is their search feature.   You can use a combination of job types with a hashtag to specify an industry or location where you would like to work.

Twitter also allows you to link to your professional website.  If you don’t have one, link to your LinkedIn Profile (you can upload your resume into your LinkedIn profile) so that employers can learn more about you.

Once you set up your Twitter account, begin following leaders in your field, potential employers, your college career center, your college alumni office, career coaches, career advice sites, etc.  Once again, Twitter makes this easy through the search function, and with recommendations for related sites.

There is a great site called TweetMyJobs where you can sign up for their free services. By simply indicating the cities and job titles you’re interested in, this service will Tweet them to you as they appear.  This means you have a greater chance of hearing about them before they get posted to other social media sites.

Keep something in mind, tools like Twitter and social media are just starting points so at some point you will still have to take your job search offline. Interviewing and networking are still essential in your job search but utilizing Twitter as another great tool will help you stay one step ahead of your fellow job seeker.

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Dr. Katharine Brooks, NCC, DCC, LPC

Author:”You Majored in What? Mapping Your Path From Chaos to Career”