Unhappily or Underemployed

Let’s face it.  Today’s job market is not conducive for an easy fix if you are unhappy with your current job. Millions of Americans get up every day and spend the majority of their day at work.  It is vital to personal well-being that you enjoy the environment of your workplace.  There are signs, however, that seeking employment elsewhere might be the right thing for you.

A big issue that can crop up in your workplace is a different value system. Many of us have rigid values and ideals that are important to us.  However, if you find yourself questioning the values and ideals around you, this is an indication you might be out of place. It does not necessarily mean your co-workers or your boss is doing anything wrong.  Their moral compass may be different from yours and this can make it hard to face the day.

Many people are underemployed.  This has been a significant statistic in the job market.  A vast majority of Americans are underemployed. Some people are happy with an easy job and enjoy the ease of their work day.  But others want to be challenged.  Does your job offer the opportunity for growth? If you want to progress as a person, a job that doesn’t provide you with an adequate challenge can be disheartening. Now that the economy is a little more stable, you can look around for a job that offers more satisfaction.

Most people have an innate desire to “fit in” whether it is at school, work, or play. If you feel left out of the culture at work, it might be a strong indication that you don’t belong in this particular work environment. If you have been with an organization for more than a few months, and you still feel somewhat awkward, as though you aren’t making the transition to your new company, it might be a not-so-subtle sign that you need to find an organization where you integrate into the culture a little better.

We all have days that we don’t want to go in to work. We may even dislike what we do for work. But do you really hate the idea of going in? Do you spend so much time worrying about what will happen when you go to work that you don’t enjoy your time away from work? If this is the case, it might be time to find a new job.

In the past few years, many people have found themselves trying really hard to hold on to jobs that they may not have wanted when times were better. However, now might be the time to find a new job, and take charge of your financial future.

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