Using the Internet to Ace Your Interview

girl happy laptop computerSo you finally have an interview at that company where you always wanted to work. Now you want to ace the interview. This is why we advise you not to make mistakes like so many other candidates do.  These blunders must be avoided at all costs because they can affect your performance and influence the impression you are making on the interviewer.

Not researching the organization

You know you are passionate about working for that company, but the interviewer does not. How do you show them this? By thoroughly researching the company and going through their products and services. Browse their website and gain as much knowledge as you can about your potential employer. Now when you face the interviewer, enlighten them with what you learned, and they will see you in a positive light.

Not looking up your interviewers on social networks

Do you who is going to give your interview? A lot of reputable companies share this information beforehand. Look up your interviewer on LinkedIn or any other social network, and go through their profile. Now use the information you learned about them during the interview to create a link and present yourself as a worthier candidate. Just don’t get too personal.

Not going through the friend list

When you look up your interviewer on a social network, also go through any mutual friends that you may have with them.  You can then talk to these people and learn valuable knowledge about the company’s culture, your interviewer and what you should expect at the interview.

Not thinking of answers to common questions

There are some questions that are always asked at an interview no matter what the job or position is.  Go through all these questions and think up of answers for them beforehand. Examples of these include a short introduction about yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, your achievements, you responsibilities at your current job, reasons for which you want to quit your job and so on.

Not thinking of a salary range

It can be difficult to talk about salary when you have no idea about the range which your interviewer has in mind, but this is likely to happen. If you really want a good offer, think of a range beforehand and support it by highlighting your achievements and key strengths. Just make sure that whatever you are asking for is in the bracket of the average salaries for that position.


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