Voicemail as a Science – Free Training

 July, 02 2013 1:00 pm CT (2:00 pm ET)

Register at http://bit.ly/15h21fz

Twitter hash tag #VMScience

Voicemail as a Science If 8 out of 10 sales calls go into voicemail… you better be darn good at leaving voicemail messages! Most people think they are good. How do you know…have you measured it? Voicemail is a critical tool in sales communication. You can’t avoid it and you can’t afford to be bad at it. This will be a fast-paced webinar with plenty of opportunity for Q&A. Some of the concepts covered: -Defining voicemails: Not all voicemails are the same. What are the major types and their effectiveness? -Assessing your teams current voicemail skill, it may shock you! -How to craft, measure and score a voicemail message. -How to coach your team into voicemail gurus. -The importance of peer review -How to create a voicemail

This is a great webinar for all industries and positions & it’s FREE to attend!