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MBAThere is good news for those who spent the time and money working on their MBA – hiring for MBA’s is up.  In fact, 2012 was the best year for MBA hiring since the recession hit. MBA’s of today are aimed at manufacturing, technology and health care. MBA’s schools are adjusting to this change by catering specifically to these industries. A specialized MBA not only teaches general management principles, but also focuses on practices that are unique to particular industries.

There is an increasing demand for specialized talent at the MBA level in the manufacturing industry.  Many people mistakenly do not associate MBA’s with manufacturing because of its connection to manual labor. Manufacturing has grown exponentially since the Industrial Revolution. It is a technology driven industry and needs knowledgeable managers. Managers are needed for supply chains and accounting so MBA’s have become a hot commodity. MBA graduates have been offered jobs with industry giants including Amazon, Boeing, and Caterpillar. Generally speaking, the hiring occurs in the fields of project management and business analysis. Production managers oversee manufacturing and plant operations. Business analyst explores new paths in efficiency and profitability.

Health care needs MBAs now more than ever before. With an aging population, medical costs on the rise, and new reform, medicine is an industry full of growth and transition, and MBAs can help with new challenges. Hospitals and health care providers are trying to cut costs while still delivering good care. With the staggering increases of health care costs comes a need for MBA management. MBA’s make the system work. They have to identify how to manage preventative care and patient efficiency. The management of a very complex industry will need MBA graduates to maintain standards of quality and cost controls. Students working on their MBA today have the opportunity to work closely with faculty, industry leaders, and providers to explore health care’s most pressing issues through a multi-faceted lens. Many graduates of health care MBA programs are also finding that their degree opens options beyond major health care organizations. High tech businesses realize the value of MBAs in their organizations, so it’s no wonder that there’s a 22% growth in hiring MBAs. Graduates of technology MBA programs often go on to work for major employers including Microsoft, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and Google, but there are also exiting opportunities in growing startups.

It is great to know that our society is still in need of higher learning.  America has become great as a result of innovative minds and energy.  The need for MBA’s is a good sign that America is on the rise and this still includes the level of education needed.

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