Wasting Time at Work Prime Cause of Low Productivity

time money 2Had a few minutes to spare at work which is why you decided to browse this site? Or are you not in the mood to do your assigned tasks at all? Whatever the case is, we all waste time by doing this, right? The problem is, according to a recent survey, is that time wastage is the prime cause of low productivity for most businesses.

The survey had a sample size of almost 1000 people, and the results are pretty interesting. While browsing the net might be a timewaster, reading this blog is definitely not because the analysis is going to surprise you.

Almost 69% of the respondents state that they waste time during their office hours on a daily basis. But exactly how much do they waste? Almost 34% stated that they waste about 30 minutes on a daily basis. 24% said they waste around an hour, and 11% said that they waste several hours. The remaining percentage of people either waste their time once or twice a week or never do it at all.

Okay, the aforementioned stats reveal that most people do waste their time. Now the question is what do they do during it? Obviously a large majority of them spend their time on the internet. Almost 37% claimed that they often check news at work. The news category has actually received the highest rating among websites that are not related to work. Social media follows next, which is visited by almost 14% of time wasters every day. Online shopping comes in close with almost 12% of the votes. Entertainment websites are browsed by almost 8% of the people while sports and travel websites take up about 5%.

Social media websites are used by employees throughout the day. The survey also asked respondents which websites are the greatest tool to slack off time. The most popular of these is Facebook with more than a billion users.  Which ones do you think received the most votes? Yeah, with more than a billion active users, Facebook definitely tops the list. It was the selected option by 15% of the people. Yahoo was next on the list with 14%. LinkedIn and Google Plus were right behind with 10% and 8%, respectively.

While the results may amuse employees, the same cannot be said for employers. The issue can be tackled effectively, but you are the one who has to do it in the end.

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