Weirdest Reasons to be Late for Work

late to workGosh, you were late for work again? What did you tell your boss? Did you start a whining tantrum stating this reason and that reason or did you just simply choose to ignore them and slump off quietly to your desk? According to a recent survey, there are nearly 23% people who are late to work at least one time in a period of thirty days. The survey also claimed that there were 15% people who are late once a week.

Though most people blame their being late on the traffic or weather, a few employees go one step ahead and get really creative with their excuses. Here are the weirdest late reasons we have ever heard:

  • My cat got stuck… down the drainage chute.
  • I had no breakfast at home and had to buy some on my way to work. An empty stomach never results in any productivity, at least not in my case.
  • I had a sleepless night and fell asleep on the bus, so I missed the stop.
  • I inserted my lenses with superglue instead of the solution. I needed the hospital right away.
  • I messed up the dates and thought today was an off day. It was only when I picked up the newspaper that I realized I was wrong.
  • My roof suffered from a leak last night because of the thunderous rain. Water fell on my alarm clock all night long and it stopped functioning
  • I was watching the TV and it was so interesting, I lost track of time.

Yeah, we know the above excuses sound totally weird, especially some of them. Honestly speaking we do not know any boss who would actually believe them, but you have to give credit to the employees who were creative enough to come up with them.

On a serious note, there are so many employees who try to make their case with their boss, even if the excuse is really lame. Whether you should do this or not depends on your boss and the relation you have with them.

If you are often late to work, here is another obvious statistic you should pay attention to: 33% employers do fire their employees for being late more than once a week. So if you really value your job, avoid being late. You wouldn’t want to get terminated just because of this.


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