What 2013 Taught Us about Careers

2013 businessDid 2013 not provide you with the job you wanted? Did you fail to achieve some or all of your career goals? You may not have accomplished what you wanted, but we are sure you must have learned from your mistakes, and learned a lot. Here are a few things we learned from the recruitment news in 2013, which might provide you with a better insight when it comes to achieving your employment goals.

Make sure you are given the treatment you deserve

Did you just win a huge client or did you successfully complete an important project? Whatever it is that you achieved, make sure you tell your manager about it. He might already be aware, but what if he did not notice? You should keep him in the loop and make sure he is aware of all that you achieve. And by the way, share the glory with not just your boss, but your whole social network. Make sure your LinkedIn profile highlights the same.

Lying will never get you anywhere

No matter which story of history you pick up, you will realize that the truth always comes out and lies never remain hidden. Lying on your resume about a promotion that you never got or an achievement that you never accomplished might get you your dream job, but will you be able to secure it? No, once the curtains on your past are lifted, your termination should not take you by surprise no matter how good your performance has been.

Be aware of what you have written on your resume

A hiring manager once told us something we were quite surprised to hear. There are so many people that appear for an interview, and when asked about something on their resumes, they just have these long blank faces. Not a good sign at all! As such, design your resume properly and do not put anything on it if you are not sure enough about it to respond intelligently.

Watch your social network profiles

If you’re like most people, you are probably very active on social networks. Just take note of one thing; in today’s digitized world, your personal life is no longer a secret. So whatever you say on social networks can actually be viewed by your bosses and hiring managers should they ever decide to look you up.

Work on the above, and we are sure, you will get where you want to in your professional life.

Source: www.money.usnews.com

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