What to Do When You Are Unemployed

resume copyAre you out of job and looking for a new one? How long has it been this way? We can understand; this is probably one of the worst periods in your life from a financial point of view. And for some of you who take it too hard, it might even be distressing. So how do you make these bad times go away? Obviously, you must be applying and dropping your resume wherever there are open positions. You might even be given a lot of interviews. But tell us the truth; are things really going your way? Whatever it is that you are doing, is it working out and producing effective results? We do not think so, which is probably why you are still jobless. So how do you make this situation turn into one that is favorable to you?

We recently asked an industry expert who has switched jobs four times. Yeah, we know he is one lucky guy. But if we were to provide you with a complete picture, his situation is even better than what you think. This is one person who has not only managed to switch jobs, but has done it without ever dropping his resume and filing out an application form. How did he manage to get so far ahead if this was his approach? He stayed noticed in his field and he made sure he remained visible, job or no job. And how did he do this? Here is what he has to say in this regard.

Help out

Do you know someone who is struggling in his career only because he does not have the skills? Train them; help them learn, and one day, they will return you the favor you did for them. Moreover, this also ensures that your skills do not get rusty.

Remain connected with your mentors

When you first stepped out into your career, were you helped out by someone? Keep in touch with them and gain more information about new changes and open positions to which you can apply. If you are lucky enough, you can expect an interview or two.

Participate online

Get your industry thoughts out on a professional platform so that people learn about you.

Act on the above mentioned advice, and you will be noticed in your industry. Who knows someone might like you, pick you out and offer you the perfect job!

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