What’s Really Fueling the War for Tech Talent

Have you hired for an IT position recently? If so, then you are well aware of the “talent war” that shutterstock_106134929is currently going on. Nicole Fallon shares, “Companies are fighting tooth and nail to sway top tech candidates to their organization, offering everything from higher salaries to outrageous office perks.” Are you wondering why this war has gotten so aggressive? It all comes down to the supply-and-demand economics reasoning; the demand for these professionals is increasing all while the number of people choosing this field is not augmenting.

To ensure you’re attracting top talent, Fallon shares a few best practices for your organization:

Hire quickly – Hiring the right person is extremely important, especially in a smaller company. You shouldn’t hire the first person who walks through the door, but you can’t spend months or even weeks making a decision, or the candidate you want will be long gone.

Learn (and advertise) what tech candidates want – Choosing a job is about more than just a paycheck — it’s about what they’ll experience and whether the job will satisfy their personal interests and values.

Look in nontraditional spaces – Going back to the issue of diversity in the tech field, employers should look beyond MIT and Stanford graduates for their recruiting efforts.

Where do you find top IT talent?

Source: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/7040-tech-recruiting-hiring.html