When Does the Interview Actually Begin?

business68Just got a call for an interview? Great! But that doesn’t mean you’ve landed the job yet. The industry is competitive. Hundreds of thousands of people get called for an interview every day. Few get the job. So what can you do to make yourself stand out from the rest? Well, a great many things – one of those is remembering when the interview actually begins; as soon as you walk in the door.

A lot of people make basic mistakes during interviews which become the reason for their disqualification. We’ve got some tips that just might land you the job!

Do Your Homework

A major reason that contributes to bad interviews is lack of preparation. Do not be the person who just gets up and heads for the interview, knowing nothing whatsoever about the company or the job. Research is your best friend. Read up about the company’s objectives and its vision. Be up-to-date with the industry news. This will help you stand out.

Lasting First Impression

Goes without saying, but very critical! As soon as you step towards the door, your interview has begun. Everything matters. Your attire; the way you enter; your body language; how you make eye contact; the way you sit; the way you dance around questions you’d rather avoid. Most interviews start with scripted questions. Rehearse for questions like: “What is your biggest weakness?” “Were you ever fired?” “Tell us about the challenges you faced on your previous job.”

Ask Questions

If you did you homework well, you are probably in a position to ask insightful questions. Interviewers love that! Ask about the scope of your responsibilities, people you might be working with, chances of growth in the organization, etc. A good interview is always two-way.

Be Memorable

Most interviews rarely remember much about candidates. Set up a hook to make yourself memorable. Being memorable is of utmost importance. You might relate an anecdote and be remembered as “the guy who was attacked by a shark” etc. It could even be a watch you’re wearing or a briefcase you’re carrying. You may even be remembered by an interviewer as “the guy who loves Wheel of Time books”. Use mutual interests to your advantage.

Avoid the Negatives

It is imperative that you avoid the negative bites. Interviews are bound to remember them. Never say “I can’t” or “I don’t” in response to a question. For example: if asked about something you haven’t done, share applicable experiences and relate them to what you were asked about.

Lastly, always follow up with a letter thanking for the opportunity a few days later. Gratitude goes a long way!

Source: www.ext.colostate.edu

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