Which Entry Level Jobs are the Worst and Best?

entry level jobs for studentsDid you just graduate and are now looking for a job? What is most important to you for any job? A good salary package, chances of growth, a long list of benefits, challenging job, great atmosphere, good cultural fit or is it something else? There are many factors which you can use for deciding if a certain entry level job is a good choice for you or not.

Yes, we know as important as this decision is, it is also very difficult. This is just why a reputed consultant conducted a survey, which stated the best and the worst entry level positions. The survey analyzed all the factors such as salary and growth potential, and presented their findings in a report. For all recent graduates, this is a valuable piece of information. We will quickly go over the main points.

The survey claims that the best entry level jobs for this year are Web Application Developer and Information Security analyst. In third place, there was a tie between Attorney and Web Designer. The fifth spot was taken by Software Engineer.

If you have been keeping a close tab on the news lately, the number one job on the list should not surprise you. Mobile devices have become extremely common, and there is an ever increasing demand. Companies want app developers in huge numbers and they are ready to pay them a good salary. The demand along with the salary is exactly what has shot this position to top of the list.

Now let us talk about jobs which took the lowest spot on the list or let’s say took the topmost slots for the worst entry level jobs. The first of these is Consumer Loan Servicing Clerk. There are very limited growth opportunities associated with this position and the involved tasks are fairly complex. As for the second worst job, it is Boilermaker. In another survey, this job was regarded as the most dangerous one. The third slot on the list was taken by Claims Processing Clerk. For the fourth and fifth places, it was Electronics Assembler and Architectural Drafter.

The survey also stated that the highest starting salaries are for Tax Attorney, whereas Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant had the fastest expected job growth rate.

Which entry job will you be searching for?

Source: www.aol.com

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