Why Didn’t You Get That Job? You May Never Know.

In most cases when the hiring process ends and the company happened to go with another candidate for the position job seekers are left wondering what went wrong.

“Rejected candidates want to understand why they didn’t get hired, but employers, fearing discrimination complaints, keep silent.”

get that job“Without specifics, candidates are left to repeat the same mistakes, while hiring managers complain they’re swamped with applicants who miss the mark.” This is where using the service of a recruiter can help both the candidates and the hiring managers in this situation.

Recruiters act as an intermediary in the hiring process allowing for candidates to gain feedback, even the hard-to-hear information that most hiring managers find uncomfortable to relay to job applicants. A recruiter can also edit and adjust the qualities and skills in the qualified candidates they bring to hiring managers for review.

Saving time and discomfort for hiring managers and allowing for feedback and a chance to improve to candidates are only a few of the benefits of utilizing an industry specific recruiter for the hiring process for your company.

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