Will Your Job Become Obsolete?

packed office jobTechnology is rapidly advancing and changing everything around us.  You have often heard about, and you will have even experienced the modifications in whatever you do. Consider your work; the way you accomplish your tasks today must be different from the way you did them yesterday. Indeed, technical advancements are affecting your job, but how drastic can this effect be?

A recent study highlighted the top professions that will lose a significant number of jobs by the year 2022. Which are these positions? Here is a look at the most endangered ones.

Mail Carrier

As the name implies, a mail carrier sorts through the mail and delivers it right at your doorstep. In the time to come, not many mail carriers will be needed since people are already switching to emails and online bills, and there will hardly be any postal mail to deliver. According to the report, jobs for a mail carrier will decrease by 28%.


Jobs for a farmer are expected to decline by 19% by the year 2022. A farmer manages operations on ranches, farms, greenhouses and other agricultural establishments. As everything is being digitized, farmers can go about the same tasks with fewer workers.

Meter Reader

A meter reads and records the amount of electricity, water and gas your house consumes in a certain period. By the year 2022, meter readers will have decreased by 19% as electronic meter readers are now paving their way into the market. These readers allow companies to view all the data, without actually visiting the site and so meter readers will not be needed.

Newspaper Reporter

A newspaper investigates and analyzes newsworthy events and writes pieces about them, which are published in a local newspaper or magazine. The same news is also shared on the radio and television. Today, online news websites are being read more than traditional newspapers. Business is obviously not so good for them right now, and they can do with less workers.

Travel Agent

Travel agent jobs will decline by around 12% in the year 2022 since planning vacations has been made easier because of the numerous online services available.

If you are working at any of the above positions, now is the time to switch.

Source: www.aol.com

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