Work Life Balance is Real!

Finding a balance between work and a personal life is truly achievable. No, I am not kidding with you! It’s all about your goals, and

On the extremes there are 3 options for the goals you have in your life:

  1. You want to make it big so you probably won’t have much of a social life.
  2. You want to party hard and work the bare minimum to get by. You also wouldn’t expect to live in a mansion though.
  3. Then there’s the happy middle ground: having a fulfilling and rewarding career and a rich personal life.

16-Signs-That-The-Rich-Are-Getting-Richer-And-The-Poor-Are-Getting-Poorer-300x300You need to first figure out where your happy medium is and where your goals align realistically. Then it’s all about the tradeoff. What will you give up to make partner this year? What business transactions are you missing because you partied too hard the night before and didn’t get out of bed until 10?

“Come up with a combination that works for you. You have more control than you think.”