Working from Home – Nice Gig if You can Get It!

home 4A growing number of Americans are ditching the highways in favor of working at home. Nice work if you can get it, you may say. But working from home is a distinct possibility for those who carefully synch education, opportunity and drive.

Career consultants mining statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor recently came up with four career choices that pay $40,000 a year or more and can easily be managed from home by those who are motivated to find and develop their own clients:

Applications software developer – These are the people who develop the software that helps devices run. They design applications, and collaborate with other computer specialists to create optimum software programs. The work is entirely computer-based, which makes it easy to work from home, and – properly managed – nets a median annual income of $90,000. Needed are a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering and comfort with screen-sharing, IM, email, and video for elements of the job that need team collaboration.

Accounting – Almost every organization has an accountant to examine financial statements, compute taxes and maintain financial records – all jobs an experienced accountant can do from home with the aid of excellent and widely available financial software. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting s needed, along with topnotch computer security and virus protection can put you on the road to earning $65,000 or more without having to hit the road each morning.

Graphic designer – These are the people who make things look good, creating graphic solutions for clients from their computer screens. Needed are a degree in graphic designing and comfort with software like Illustrator, Photoshop and Quark – as well as the ability to collaborate and receive feedback online. Median annual income is about $45,000.

Public relations specialist – These folks help maintain a good image for their clients, helping them communicate effectively with the public by creating and distributing press releases, managing corporate events, and generally guiding the corporate image. The successful work-from-home specialist will have a bachelor’s degree in public relations, journalism or English, be easily reachable at almost any time in case of crisis, and have reliable mobile and Internet services. A good PR specialist can earn a median annual income of $54,000 or more.

Source: – By Barbara Pronin

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