You Join a New Company, but You Don’t Like Your Job

unhappy businessA few days ago, you were so happy that you finally had an offer on the table. You took it, but as you started out with the new company, disappointments followed. You have not been there long enough, but you have figured out your boss is a pain, your co-workers are another problem, and your work is so below you, it is actually an insult. You could always go out and find another job but that presents a whole new set of problems.

Take a look at a few things before you go that route. If you have only been on the job for a week, chances are things might change. If you have been on the job for more than a few months – probably not.

So what do you do when the new job itself is problematic? Can you really do something about it?

Look back at what you might have missed

There can be three main reasons as to why your job is not living up to your expectations; you were fooled, the job appeared risky or doubtful right from the start or you did not focus properly when the hiring process was being conducted. If your contract does not outline the work you are doing right now, you can claim a breach, but this happens only for senior positions.

Your employer might be at fault, but in most cases, it is not intentional. Plus, you could have prevented it if you had asked the right questions and thoroughly evaluated the job offer. You cannot change the past, but what you can do is properly determine the things with which you have a problem – work, boss, duty or something else? Jot these down.

Have a word with your boss

This is definitely not an easy thing to, especially if your boss is not cooperative or concerned. But it still is worth a try because there is always a chance they may listen. Let them know what is bothering you and offer them a solution. You could ask for a different reporting structure, other types of assignments or a completely new team. And while doing this, tread waters carefully so it does not backfire on you.

Look around for another job

Your new job is not the right fit, but there is always the possibility of switching. Yes, the rule of thumb is you should work for a year with any employer, but this is too much time to waste if you are not satisfied with what you are doing


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