Eliminating the Red Flag

eliminatingThere are things to keep in mind that can be detrimental to your job search and could potentially scare off a potential employer before you even secure the interview.

An unprofessional email address is exactly that – unprofessional.  The e-mail address you list on your resume or cover letter should be some form of your first and last name or refer to your chosen industry. Eliminate words like “mommy, tiger, babe, etc. The new generation of workers has relied heavily on texting and email, almost to their detriment. Communication skills have been impaired as a result. Maintain impressive communication skills.  Updates should always be grammatically correct. Make sure that you choose a font that is easy to read and is popular with both a MAC and a PC.

One thing worth repeating over and over again to those interviewing or seeking employment is to never talk poorly of a former employer.  It is simply “bad form”.  Avoid mentioning former employment in your public profiles. Clean up all profiles.  Unflattering and revealing photographs will certainly diminish a prospective employer’s viewpoint of you. Adjusting your privacy settings is imperative.

Strive for consistency with your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts.  Work history and education dates should match up and be consistent.  Inconsistent dates can be a “red flag” to a potential employer. Job hopping is often a deterrent to prospective employer. Having multiple jobs in a short amount of time can indicate a problem with your compatibility or skill set. Make sure your reference list has managers and supervisors.  If your list is comprised mostly of peers, most employers will question why you are avoiding recommendations from those who may have supervised your work.  It can look like you have something to hide.

It is never a good idea to mention past litigation you might be involved in, especially with a former employer.  Even if the lawsuit is justified, most companies take a “hands off” approach to any involvement. Also, requesting numerous updates about your interview or resume can be annoying.  Checking in constantly will not necessarily expedite the process. Most importantly, never lie about anything. Integrity is an essential quality most companies are looking for.

Always come prepared with questions. Interviewers want to hear what you are thinking about.  If you do not have questions, you can appear disengaged. Put your “best foot forward” even if it is only your social networking strategy.

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