Healthcare Finance Spotlight Hires: Recent Placements

Healthcare Finance Spotlight Hires: Kaye/Bassman Recent Placements

About Kaye/Bassman Healthcare Finance Practice

About Us: Ranked 9th U.S. Search Firm by Executive Search Review, the Kaye/Bassman Healthcare Finance Practice has garnered a solid reputation in the healthcare finance community, covering all areas of finance, accounting and business office within healthcare service organizations, primarily service providers such as hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and large physician practices. Our practice is called upon by leading service providers to handle the most challenging and critical searches. Founded in 1981, Kaye/Bassman is known as the firm that can be counted on to fill your positions in a timely manner with the best talent. Our extensive experience on the financial leadership and administration side of healthcare gives us a unique understanding of the healthcare finance world and a competitive advantage in the search realm.

As you reflect on what has transpired this year, you may ask the question…“Is there something better out there?” If so, click on the following link to review a sampling of our current searches from across the country. Don’t see anything you like? Contact us and let us know what you would like in the next phase of your career

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