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When Good-Enough… Isn’t

Stop letting good-enough rob you of great.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve.


“We have candidates from our ad.”  I hear it regularly.  With unsurprising regularity, I check back and the position is still open… one, two, three months later, or more.  If you’ve ever run want-ads for open leadership positions, you already know that generally the quality of “applicants” is low.  Sometimes (too often) low-quality ends up being hired.


Was low-quality what you were shooting for?  Of course not.  Too often, ASCs and corporations seeking experienced ASC leaders end up settling for mediocrity.  Settling for the best they think they can get… the best of those who “apply”.  I jokingly say that want ads produce the best of the unemployed, the underemployed, the dissatisfied and problem-children (but it’s no joke).


There’s a saying; “Don’t let good-enough be the robber of great”.   That may sound like “the enemy of great is perfect” but they are dissimilar.  The latter talks about “passing” on a great candidate because someone holds the unlikely prospect of finding a “perfect” person… perfect in ways that are often admittedly undefined.  “They just didn’t ‘wow’ me.”  Really?


Letting good-enough rob you of great is different.  It’s settling for less than you deserve.  After 23 years serving health care clients, and over 15 years serving the ASC/Surgical-Hospital world, I’ve proven again and again that clients shouldn’t and don’t have to settle for “good-enough”… (for full article, fill out form on the right.)

Greg Zoch - Surgery Center RecruiterKaye/Bassman International Corp.


Greg Zoch

Partner & Managing Director


Ambulatory Surgery Center & Surgical Hospital Practice


Greg Zoch has been involved with the marketing of health care organizations and services and with the recruitment of health care professionals since 1990.


His singular focus is on the strategic growth and staffing initiatives of client companies, who develop, manage, consult with, and/or own and operate ambulatory surgery centers, and surgical hospitals throughout America.


“After over 20 years in executive search, I’ve found that we can achieve outcomes that far surpass expectations through open communication, understanding underlying needs, challenges, and objectives, and a commitment to a proven process.”


Greg’s assignments are primarily for clinical and operational leadership positions. These are typically corporate and facility level Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operations Officers, Chief Nursing Officers, Ambulatory Surgery Center Administrators and Directors of Nursing, as well as Regional to National Directors and Vice Presidents and C-level individuals in Facilities Development and Operations.


A partner, managing director, and shareholder in Kaye/Bassman International, Greg is a perennial top producer who has demonstrated both technical competency and a distinguished track record of success.


Greg has been an active member of the ASC Association since 2002 and is a frequent contributor of articles to trade publications, sought out as a subject matter expert, and presenter at numerous industry conferences.


Greg is recognized as an industry expert by Becker’s ASC Review, Outpatient Surgery Magazine, SURGistrategies Magazine, and others.


He has also been listed repeatedly in Becker’s ASC Review as one of the “…people to know in the ASC Industry.”

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