Eric Dickerson, Kaye/Bassman Managing Director Featured in Part B News


Eric Dickerson, Kaye/Bassman Managing Director Featured in Part B News, How to Alter Your Physician Compensation Plans to Meet Your Practice Goals

By: Roy Edroso

Plano, TX | 6/13/2018

As physician compensation gets more varied — with metrics besides salary and productivity determining how much doctors get paid — you have more flexibility to shape your practice by rewarding behaviors you want to encourage. As a recent American Medical Association (AMA) study found, physician contracts — which have traditionally compensated employed physicians with a salary, payment based on personal productivity or both — now increasingly include other standards for payment, including key performance indicators (KPIs) such as quality and patient satisfaction and even “citizenship” (PBN 5/17/18).

Part B News talked to compensation experts about what combinations they’re seeing and how you can alter them to effect change in your practice.

“The smart hospitals and practices balance clinical productivity with quality outcomes and patient satisfaction,” says Eric Dickerson, managing director, academic medicine & healthcare at recruiting firm Kaye/Bassman International Corporation in Plano, Texas. “Institutions that are totally focused on just RVU and not the other factors of quality outcomes and patient satisfaction will eventually get hit hard because increasingly [their own] reimbursement is directly tried to these additional outcomes.”

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