Kaye/Bassman’s Co-CEO, Nicholas Turner, Featured in Chief Executive


Kaye/Bassman’s Co-CEO, Nicholas Turner, Featured in Chief Executive, MANAGEMENT STYLE: Campaigning is One Thing; Leading is Another, CEOs Say

Plano, TX | 4/21/2017

Of all the things mid-market company chiefs would like to see President Trump do, their biggest wish for the “CEO-in-Chief” might be the most difficult for him to ever accomplish: change his management style.

“The way you get elected isn’t the way you need to run the office,” said Nick Turner, co-CEO of Kaye/Bassman, a management-recruiting firm. “The shock-and-awe tactic is brilliant in appealing to the masses, but once you’re there—when in Rome…

“I’d advise him to re-evaluate and take on a new plan for running things. The reality is that if he’d just dial it down, he’s got plenty of runway ahead of him. While I’m sure the first 100 days in office is an important window in time, he should [try] an alternative [approach]. He can still be effective and drive the things he wants to get done, but he doesn’t get to it in the way in which he was elected.”

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