U.S. is Top Country for Retaining Oil and Gas Workers Report: Chris Melillo of Kaye/Bassman International Quoted in EnergyWire Report


U.S. is Top Country for Retaining Oil and Gas Workers Report: Chris Melillo of Kaye/Bassman International Quoted in EnergyWire Report

Dallas, Texas, 4/9/2013: 

Source:  EnergyWire (March 9, 2013), written by Pamela King, E&E reporter

Although U.S. oil and gas workers say they value overseas opportunities, they are more likely than their peers in other nations to stay in their country of origin, according to new energy workforce research.

“Energy Diaspora: Desires and Destination,” a new report from Rigzone.com, finds that 89 percent of U.S. energy workers are building their careers in North American oil and gas patches — despite citing “opportunity to work overseas” as a major consideration in weighing job offers. A snapshot of Rigzone job listings shows that North America is currently a hot spot for energy job opportunities. Employers across the continent had 2,863 postings on Rigzone as of April 1. The website’s next largest group of job listings — 656 — came from European companies, followed by 484 from Middle Eastern employers, the report shows. “With the U.S., there is that growth in the shale plays, and that’s certainly demanding a lot of industry professionals,” said Rigzone President Paul Caplan.

Out of all the countries represented in Rigzone’s survey of more than 25,000 oil and gas professionals, U.S. energy workers were most likely to remain “at home,” meaning somewhere in North America. Nigerian oil and gas workers were the second most likely to stay on their continent of origin, with 78 percent of its workforce remaining in Africa to work. India’s energy labor force was the least likely to remain at home, with just 12 percent staying in southern Asia and 52 percent moving to the oil-rich Middle East.

Chris Melillo, managing partner of recruiting firm Kaye/Bassman International Corp., said he wasn’t surprised to see the United States, Nigeria, and other countries like Australia and Brazil at the top of the list of countries that retain their own energy workers. Those are, after all, some of the world’s top energy producers and some of the nations that are most committed to educating and developing their domestic workforce, he said.

Melillo said the number of U.S. oil and gas workers who have worked abroad is probably higher than the number of those who are currently working overseas. More seasoned oil and gas professionals likely had to spend some time abroad in the 1990s simply because there was so little opportunity at home. “These guys are hunters, they like to explore, they like to drill, they like the chase,” Melillo said. “Why not add some geographical adventure to it as well?” But the need to move abroad has lessened with the growth of the domestic shale business and the expansion of opportunities closer to home, he said. “Relocation becomes less of a have-to.”

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