Metro Hospitals Pay Top Dollar for Surgeons: Featuring Eric Dickerson at Kaye/Bassman in Dallas


Metro Hospitals Pay Top Dollar for Surgeons: Featuring Eric Dickerson at Kaye/Bassman in Dallas

Dallas, Texas, 5/2/2011: General surgeons enjoy a high demand almost anywhere they'd like to work and that includes these major metropolitan areas: Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, New York and Miami.

While there's no shortage of top-paying jobs for them in these cities at the best hospitals, there's also demand in mid-sized cities, according to physician recruiter Eric Dickerson, healthcare recruiter at Kaye/Bassman in Dallas. Rural areas also seek surgeons, which helps explain why the Penobscot Valley Hospital in Lincoln, Maine, offers a $248,000 salary for a general surgeon. A median salary of $260,000 for general surgeons ranks second only to anesthesiologists as the country's best-paying healthcare jobs, according to a joint survey by CNNMoney and

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