Vice President Student Affairs

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Job ID: EB-1940155022
Job Title: Vice President Student Affairs
Location: Dallas, TX

Position Description

This officer provides general administrative and philosophical oversight for the Divisions of Student Affairs with designated presidential authority in matters and functions in that division. Specific departments include 1) Enrollment Management, 2) Residential Life and Health, and 4) Student Activities. The incumbent reports to the President, is a member of the Cabinet, and is considered an Officer of the company. Specific duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provides general oversight for student development and support programs.
  • Provides oversight for student life and activities, including related facilities and publications.
  • Provides general oversight of residence halls and related programming.
  • Provides oversight for health and wellness programs.
  • Supervises campus police and related safety activities.
  • Monitors athletic compliance with internal and external standards.
  • Prepares and manages the student affairs budget.
  • Maintains an orderly, reliable, and effective system of student discipline.


The incumbent must have the ability to work collaboratively in a lively give-and-take committee-centric environment with diverse others. Specific qualifications are:

  • Documented success as a chief student affairs officer at a similarly situated institution.
  • A terminal degree or equivalent credential relative to the duties of the position
  • Evidence of the commitment, stamina, ethical and intellectual gravitas to serve a largely first-generation, Pell-eligible student population.
  • Communication skills to effectively attend the vicissitudes of student-parent issues, and to represent the University in professional settings.