Kaye/Bassman Managing Partner, Chris Melillo, Featured in Rigzone


Kaye/Bassman Managing Partner, Chris Melillo, Featured in Rigzone, What Themes Will Dominate Oil and Gas Recruitment in 2024?

 By: Andreas Exarheas

Plano, TX | 1/31/2024

As 2024 presses on, Rigzone asked several U.S. based oil and gas recruitment experts what themes will dominate oil and gas recruitment this year.

Responding to the question, Christopher Melillo, the founder and managing partner of the Dallas, Texas, based Kaye/Bassman Energy Practice, told Rigzone that the majority of job opportunities in domestic oil and gas will continue to be field engineering/specialist roles, “very often not requiring degreed engineers or geoscience professionals”.

“However, not many of the roles will be for drilling specialist, tool pushers, etc. as opportunities have drastically been reduced,” Melillo said.

“For the non-degreed side, we see engine operators, operations support, drivers, etc. We have several superintendent roles for piping for midstream and refinery construction,” he added.

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