Kaye/Bassman Managing Director, Jeff Wittenberg, Featured in BisNow


Kaye/Bassman Managing Director, Jeff Wittenberg, Featured in BisNow, Job Hunting? Despite COVID-19, Some Hiring Carries On

By: Alexandra Marvar

Plano, TX | 3/30/2020

Like a wildfire, the market instability wrought by COVID-19 has swept through commercial real estate, leaving a trail of uncertainty. Layoffs and furloughs have affected millions of workers across the U.S. economy. For candidates in ongoing job searches or those who have been or will soon be let go by commercial real estate companies, that uncertainty hits close to home: Are companies continuing to hire, or will everything be put on hold?

Kaye/Bassman International Construction and Real Estate Managing Director Jeff Wittenberg echoes this optimism, namely because of the marked differences he sees between what’s happening now and what he witnessed in 2008.

“In the Great Recession, the entire supply chain was impacted because you couldn’t get money,” he said. “Today, that’s not the case. There’s still liquidity in the market. You can still get money, there’s nothing from a business standpoint necessarily preventing deals from being made and projects from getting started except for this healthcare crisis,” which he said is more of a “wet blanket” than a show-stopper.


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