Eric Dickerson, Kaye/Bassman Managing Director, Featured in HealthExecWire


Eric Dickerson, Kaye/Bassman Managing Director, Featured in HealthExecWire, New Approaches to Healthcare Workforce Recruitment and Retention

Plano, TX | 12/29/2023

By Ron Shinkman

Healthcare is one of the few sectors of labor in the United States where the workforce is fairly assured of stable and steady employment. Everyone needs healthcare services at some point – particularly given the aging of the U.S. population. New developments in medical technology, drugs and treatments continue at a strong pace. The sector itself must change in order to accommodate the current labor climate, experts say.

The healthcare sector has long had to manage persistent labor shortages. Medical schools and nursing schools are limited in how many graduates they can produce on an annual basis, as are programs for allied professions such as surgical and imaging technicians.

Combine this chronic shortage of newly minted professionals and skilled workers with worker burnout from the COVID-19 pandemic and the lowest unemployment rate in 55 years, and the issue becomes more concerning.

Eric Dickerson, managing director and senior practice leader for Kaye Bassman, a recruiting firm based in Plano, Texas, observed that the healthcare labor is among the tightest he has ever seen. Although the nationwide labor participation rate is about 63% among all adults, it is 83.5% among those in the prime working ages of 25 to 54. Given the myriad business sectors across the United States, that means the healthcare sector is competing for just a small sliver of the U.S. labor market.


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