Kaye/Bassman Managing Director, Michael Pietrack, Featured in BioSpace


Kaye/Bassman Managing Director, Michael Pietrack, Featured in BioSpace, Ageism Isn’t Always the Reason Older, Younger Workers Aren’t Hired

By: Angela Gabriel

Plano, TX | 6/5/2024

When it comes to the types of discrimination biopharma professionals believe are widespread in the industry, age-based discrimination tops the list, according to a new BioSpace report. The State of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging in Life Sciences report found that 65% of survey respondents think age-based discrimination is prevalent.

Dozens of respondents, both young and old, shared comments about being discriminated against based on how old they are. Some called out hiring issues. For example, one said they’ve had fewer job opportunities due to being over 60, while another said they believe their age and appearance were factors in not getting a position. Yet another noted they were a finalist for a role until the employer figured out their age.

Michael Pietrack, managing director of pharma and biotech recruiting at Kaye/Bassman International, an executive search and recruitment firm, told BioSpace that while he’s sure ageism exists in biopharma, he hasn’t seen it and doesn’t think it’s a blatant issue.

“But I can tell you this,” he said. “Candidates—especially the candidates that are advanced in years—they’re worried about it.”

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