Kaye/Bassman’s Jill Jarufe: A nationwide nursing outlook


Kaye/Bassman’s Jill Jarufe: A Nationwide Nursing Outlook

Plano, Texas, 1/31/2011:
Jill Jarufe, nursing practice search consultant at Kaye/Bassman International recently commented on the current needs of nurses in  Minority Nursing Online.

“The demand in nursing is strong enough that it transcends race, gender, and nationality. Minority nurses are needed in all areas, regardless of rural or urban settings,” says Jill Jarufe, M.B.A., a nursing practice search consultant at Kaye/Bassman International Corporation, a recruiting firm based in Dallas, Texas.

Jarufe agrees that the general future job outlook for nurses in all regions is outstanding and is only expected to continue to grow over the next 10 years, but she points out that warmer climates in the Southeast and Southwest are generally showing the most opportunities for growth, as the baby boomer generation tends to relocate to these areas.

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