Kaye/Bassman’s Managing Director Eric Dickerson Featured in Healthcare Informatics


Kaye/Bassman’s Managing Director Eric Dickerson Featured in Healthcare Informatics, In the HIT C-Suite, Priorities are Changing—And Titles, Too

Dallas, TX | 12/14/2016

By Rajiv Leventhal

Alistair Erskine, M.D., has held various roles within healthcare leadership throughout his career. As he has been practicing hospital medicine for nearly 15 years, Erskine has also been climbing up the clinical leadership ranks, becoming chief medical information officer (CMIO) at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Health System, before being appointed associate dean of medical informatics there. Now at the Danville, Pa.-based Geisinger Health System, Erskine, who is also board certified in clinical informatics, holds the role of chief informatics officer—different from the CMIO and different from the CIO (chief information officer).

To this end, while the technical and clinical expertise is obviously a must for these positions, the “softer skillsets” to bring those diverse groups together that have separate interests are also critical, says Eric Dickerson, managing director and senior practice leader at Kaye/Bassman International, a Plano, Texas-based search firm that acquired Sanford Rose three years ago, now together representing one of the largest of its kind in the U.S. “You need to be able to say that we’re creating something that will be bigger than the sum of its parts. So that means being able to collaborate and work well, and not having the CIO with infrastructure in these key areas and the CMIO in these clinical areas. Instead, you need to bring it all together and cross-pollinate. It can’t happen in siloes,” Dickerson says.

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