Physical Therapy Recruiter Chad Lawrence Featured in PT in Motion

Plano, Texas, 9/10/2010: Chad Lawrence, a physical therapy recruiting consultant at leading executive search firm Kaye/Bassman International, is featured in the September edition of PT in Motion.  In a first of a series of articles, Chad shares his extensive industry insight and market knowledge to help hiring managers with the latest trends in the physical therapy talent industry.

Article Content:  Why Rural Markets are Required to Pay Higher Wages
The physical therapy employment market is unusual in that some of the hiring norms run counter to other healthcare related positions in similar markets. In most cases, a facility in a small rural market will have to pay a higher wage than a facility in a metropolitan area. Why? First consider that there are over 100,000 more positions then qualified therapists. Some people might assume that in a larger metropolitan market facilities (hospitals and clinics) will have to pay more to keep up with cost of living, but such is not the case.  Metropolitan markets have a broader