Nicholas Turner

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Practice Area(s):

Nicholas Turner serves as the Co-Chief Executive Officer, bringing over 27 years of expertise in the search and recruiting industry with a specialized focus on operations, finance, and business management. His comprehensive role integrates responsibilities typically associated with COO, CFO, and CTO positions, emphasizing a unified and strategic approach to executive leadership.  Nick enjoys the opportunity to work with a highly skilled and talented group of specialists across all Operational and Financial duties.

“Without my friends comprising of the most talented and tenured team in all of Search and Recruiting, I would be the most insignificant and useless individual across all of the companies we own, operate and support.” -Nick Turner

Nick’s operational oversight is crucial for the seamless functioning of the company’s business activities. He expertly supports internal processes, customer engagement, and aligns technology with business objectives. Including a critical strategic role supporting the leadership team responsible for IT infrastructure and data security and implementing technological systems that support the company’s operational and financial frameworks.

In his financial role, Nick not only authored the financial and operational models, but he also directs all aspects of the organization’s financial health, encompassing financial planning, risk management, equity management, data analysis, and record-keeping. His responsibilities afford him to work hand in hand with a group of brilliant financial minds responsible for financial reporting to senior management, crafting budgets, managing cash flows, and aligning financial strategies with the overall business goals.

Strategically, Nick is instrumental in guiding the company through growth phases, such as mergers and acquisitions, by conducting due diligence and integrating new assets to enhance the company’s market presence. He also designs and implements revenue and expense management strategies to ensure profitability and financial stability.

Beyond his operational, financial, and strategic contributions, Nick is highly regarded for his public presence in the industry. He has been a key speaker at numerous industry conferences, where his education offers unique operational insights with other business owners, earning Nick a reputation as a thought leader. His insights have been featured in prominent business publications such as the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, further cementing his status as an expert in operational and financial strategies.

Nick enjoys a rich personal life with his wife, Lauren, and their four children. His commitment to excellence and integrity is evident in every aspect of his personal and professional endeavors, making him a pillar in both his family and the business community.