Elke 6

“I wanted to put in a good word for ELKE. She has been amazing to work with. I want you to know that Elke has gone above and beyond her job description to work with me. I truly feel that over the last year I have known her that she has become a friend. Because [...]

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Dan Wilburn 3

“Dan, it’s been two years since I’ve made the career change and relocation. I have to say it’s the best decision I ever made, for both myself and family!… …Thanks so much for sticking with me on the interview and relocation process. I am forever indebted. You’ve been great.” Paul Goedicke Clinical Analyst III Jackson [...]

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Larry Strayhorn 2

“Larry is a top rated business executive and very knowledgeable in IT. He is the type of guy you can count on to do the job right all the time. I have found him to be ethical and fair to work with at all times.” James Patrick

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“You are great at what you do and have made a difference here.” Teri Kisselbrack, RN – Sr. Clinical Analyst Consultant working at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital

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Elke 5

“I can’t say enough good things about Elke. She is the consummate professional, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills she stays on top of your potential jobs like you were her best friend. She assisted me in all phases of finding and landing my new job and she was cheery and full of energy while [...]

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Larry Strayhorn 1

“The Healthcare IT team at Kaye/Bassman is always in touch with opportunities and what goes on behind the scenes to create success in today’s market. I recommend them highly – I can’t think of anyone I’d rather work with than them.” Mella Leibrand

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Elke 3

“I had specific needs in my next Meditech position which Elke was able to understand. She was out of the box in her thinking and was able to match my needs to the needs of potential employers. Within a short period of time, she helped my current employer to understand what they needed and how [...]

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Dan Wilburn 1

”I have worked with Dan in the past years and made several referrals which he has successfully placed.” Lynn Brooks Kelly – Director of Revenue Cycle Lodi Memorial Hospital

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Elke 2

“Elke epitomizes professionalism when dealing with client’s and potential employers. Her dedication to the clients she is serving is displayed through her communication with both the client and potential employers. She is able to accurately assess your skills, employment desires, and then match you to the needs of potential employers. This skillful work on her [...]

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Elke 1

“Elke was great to work with. She was very informative in describing the open position I was inquiring upon and assisting with communication with the company. She made the process easy. I would recommend Elke to anyone who is looking for a new position and would love to work with her again if my career [...]

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