Pharma 8

“Tiffany helped me and colleagues from within the organizations I have worked to identify, recruit, and hire numerous talented BS/MS/PhD level scientists. We have worked together over the past 15+ years and know Tiffany to work extremely hard to meet the specific needs of her clients, attracting only high caliber individuals. She easily differentiates herself [...]

Pharma 82023-01-03T11:03:45-06:00

Pharma 7

“Over the years, I have worked with Amreen several times. She is a person that I trusted and consulted with for career advice. I strongly recommend her.” Associate Director, Clinical Pharmacology at Akros Pharma Inc.

Pharma 72023-01-03T11:03:45-06:00

Pharma 6

“I have utilized Jana as a recruiter both for personal job searches and as a hiring manager at companies at which I was employed. In both instances Jana has proven to be a very professional, responsive, and capable individual. She provides sound advice and insight into either specific job opportunities or specific job candidates for [...]

Pharma 62023-01-03T11:03:45-06:00

Pharma 5

“Tiffany is easily among the top 10% of recruiters I have worked with. She has maintained her focus over the years in the areas of drug metabolism, preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetics and bioanalysis and it is hard to find someone with a better track record in this particular area. She is extremely well connected, takes [...]

Pharma 52023-01-03T11:03:45-06:00

Pharma 3

“Amreen was very helpful to me with screening potential positions, and her knowledge of the hiring managers was great for preparation for the interviews. She was also well informed to help with negotiations. Through the whole process, she was courteous, responsive, and pleasant to interact with. I enjoyed her assistance with my placement.” Associate Director [...]

Pharma 32023-01-03T11:04:05-06:00

Pharma 2

“I have known Jana for the better part of a decade and she has always worked diligently on my behalf to find suitable employment opportunities when I was in need of them. She is a consummate professional.” Sr. Director, Bioanalytical PK/TK Support Services at Intertek

Pharma 22023-01-03T11:04:06-06:00

Pharma 1

“Tiffany is a well skilled and dedicated recruiter, who knows how to optimally fulfill hiring needs while honoring individual expectations. It is always rewarding and a pleasure journeying through job searches with her.” Experienced Clinical Pharmacologist

Pharma 12023-01-03T11:04:06-06:00

Trey Wright

“The experience that I had with Kaye/Bassman was exceptional and the one to one guidance from Trey Wright and Blake Phillips was great in preparing me for my various interviews. Returning to academics so far has proven to be a great step in my career and since my dissertation focus addresses the nursing faculty shortage [...]

Trey Wright2023-01-03T11:04:06-06:00

Elke 4

“Elke is very upbeat, insightful and hard working. She has a tremendous amount of experience that makes her such a wonderful resource to all parties involved. Her work ethic, honesty, and openness shine through and truly prove what a great asset she is. Thanks Elke!” Eric Jorgensen, Senior Meditech CPOE Analyst for C/S and 6.0 [...]

Elke 42023-01-03T11:04:06-06:00


“The Kaye/Bassman Healthcare Team is extremely capable and handled one the largest accounts in the Dallas office. They had excellent client relationships and worked to deliver even the toughest of skills. The team was friendly, thoughtful, and respectful of coworkers.” Mitch Byers, SPHR

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