Andrew Alexander 4

“When working with Kaye/Bassman's Energy recruiting team I gained a true appreciation for their insight and direction in regards to coaching and guiding me through the interviewing process. All appointments went as planned and were executed to a “T”. As far as results go, they were excellent, resulting in a job offer and an acceptance [...]

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Andrew Alexander 3

“I found Kaye/Bassman's Energy recruiting team to be very knowledgeable about the performance contracting industry and very professional overall.” Pablo P., Federal Sales

Andrew Alexander 32023-01-03T11:04:07-06:00

Andrew Alexander 2

“What can I say about working with your team? I could write a long one page document or scale it down to one paragraph or finally edited it to one sentence but in the end it reflect the one word that best fits my experience: Excellent!” Michael Taylor, Account Executive

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Andrew Alexander 1

“It is refreshing working with a professional recruiter that understands the industry they are recruiting within and marrying the needs of the employer with those of the candidate. His professionalism makes the sometimes stressful search for a new position much more rewarding and assuring.” Holly G., Director of Business Development

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KBIC Construction Marty 2

“Marty is a master at his craft. He always keeps his client’s interests at the forefront and is a pleasure to do business with; highly enthusiastic, and a good listener as well. Marty has consistently produced great candidates — quickly if asked. Not to mention, he found the right company for me that started our [...]

KBIC Construction Marty 22023-01-03T11:04:23-06:00

KBIC Construction Marty

“We have used Marty several times for our critical searches. He always comes through with a number of high quality individuals that we can interview and select from, resulting in great performers for our firm. He also has high integrity and is honest when he thinks a candidate is not the right fit for our [...]

KBIC Construction Marty2023-01-03T11:04:23-06:00

KBIC Construction Jeff 2

“I retained Jeff and his team at Kaye/Bassman International to be my exclusive executive search partner. It was one of the most rewarding business relationships both professionally and personally that I have experienced in my career. Under Jeff’s leadership and tutelage his team delivered results in a very professional manner that made me look forward [...]

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KBIC Construction Jeff 1

“I found Jeff Wittenberg to be open, honest and informative in every discussion. He walked me through each process, kept me up to date on all issues and opportunities. It was a pleasure to work with Jeff and his team.” Bob Bedrich, Vice President/Division Manager at Cadence McShane Construction Company

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KBIC HC Elaine 3

“Elaine was head and shoulders above the other recruiters I worked with this interview season in several important ways. She is intelligent, curious, thorough, insightful, and knowledgeable. She had personally met the leadership and she had seen the facility with her own eyes. She asked probing questions that compelled me to articulate my rationale for [...]

KBIC HC Elaine 32023-01-03T11:04:24-06:00

KBIC HC Elaine

“Recruiting great faculty is integral to having a successful academic Department of Surgery. Certain surgical subspecialties are in limited supply and are difficult to recruit because of various supply and demand issues. With that in mind we made an arrangement to work with Elaine Auerbach from Kaye/Bassman Associates to assist us in hiring additional faculty [...]

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