Trey Wright 9

“It was a pleasure working with both Trey and Blake. They were instrumental in preparing me for the interview and in providing me great information about the company and position I was being considered for. They walked me through the entire process and the relocation transition was very smooth. They provide all the necessary tools [...]

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Trey Wright 7

“Blake reached out to me about a position with Vista that is a great fit for both of our needs. I was planning on retiring but this position was exciting enough to make me stay. I’m looking forward to a new method of working with curriculum with a strong company. The information Blake provided me [...]

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Trey Wright 6

“[I was] not really looking but beginning to consider the possibility of searching and appreciated being contacted. Communication from the first moment of contact was consistent and helpful. They were an advocate for me. I gained confidence through the supportive nature of being represented. I would use /recommend [them]. Definitely, contact them.” Susan Dyess, Associate [...]

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Trey Wright 5

“I had a fantastic experience with my recruiting process with Philip with Kaye/Bassman. Philip was with me every step of the way and gave me the resources I needed to be successful in my interview process. I didn’t know what to expect with the hiring process since this was my first time in higher education, [...]

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Trey Wright 4

“Working with Kaye/Bassman benefited me tenfold. It was night and day compared to any other interview process that I’ve had because I felt like I had somebody that was just as excited for me to get the job as I was. They all played a big role in making me feel the most comfortable I’ve [...]

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Trey Wright 3

“Working with Richard Jordan at Kaye/Bassman was a pleasure. He did a fine job gathering the qualifications and personality requirements we needed for our position. He then went and found individuals that would meet our needs. It is not just the job description and requirements, it is also about our culture and finding the right [...]

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Trey Wright 2

“Trey surprised me one day with a phone call asking if I would be interested in a potential new opportunity. I said yes. Because I had been in my current position for fourteen years and had not interviewed in a very long time, I was nervous about my interviewing skills. Trey did such a wonderful [...]

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Trey Wright

“The experience that I had with Kaye/Bassman was exceptional and the one to one guidance from Trey Wright and Blake Phillips was great in preparing me for my various interviews. Returning to academics so far has proven to be a great step in my career and since my dissertation focus addresses the nursing faculty shortage [...]

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